Fund Raising for Rickshaw

For the poor, earning a living is always difficult. In the villages of Bangladesh many young men coming from poor homes are also uneducated. They cannot find jobs in their own village that will give them at least a minimum means of living to provide for their families, some are lucky enough to go to the cities where they can rent a rickshaw to find some income. They work all day and are able to make 300-400 Takas which is just about £3. But after paying the daily rental for the rickshaw what is left is still not sufficient to run a family. Owning a rickshaw is beyond the reach of many poor families as one rickshaw costs £150,00. Progressive Community has a plan to help such people if you could assist us. With a donation of £150 one person could be provided with a rickshaw which will benefit him in many ways. He will have his own rickshaw which will relieve him from the burden of paying a daily rental and earn a substantial regular income to feed his family. He can help provide transport to his own family without spending on transport fares. As the villagers are compelled to travel a long way to do shopping, the own rickshaw will make these tasks.